Architecture Student Trips

Discover our tours in many countries in our architecture catalogue. We incorporate the latest buildings and trends into our architectural itineraries and our explanations during architectural tours. We hope you will be inspired to define your next destination, tour theme or make your custom architecture student trips with us!

Our guides are professionals in the field of construction: urbanists, architects, landscapers, engineers… All residents of the cities of our tours and trips. Don’t miss the opportunity to live this unique experience where you will enjoy the experience and professionalism of our guides. As experts in architecture we will find the best location for your congress, hotels with an interest in design and architecture, the thematic activities best suited to your target or group, the best speakers, routes, guide-architects, services and caterings.

Organize architecture student trips to update your team or as an incentive for your clients or suppliers. We adapt the contents according to the interests of your company or institution. Delegate the success of your trips to our professionals and get the best possible performance to your budget. We work in all phases of the organization of events: initial proposal, conceptualization, contact with the speakers, budgets, hiring premises and rooms, catering, hostesses, identification, control of registrants, collections, promotions and staging.

Field study trips are an essential part of any architect’s education. Seeing first-hand buildings of significant architectural importance; from historic treasures to modern structures, will help to encourage your students’ future careers in architecture.  During our architecture student trips, your students will get to visit some of the world’s architectural wonders; from the imposing and unique skyline of Rotterdam, and the world-beating structures of Dubai, to the inspirational Gaudi architecture in Barcelona, we can build a custom itinerary to meet your desired learning outcomes.

Through Ottlah, you will get a local architect guide for your tour, our up-to-date expertise in architecture, city planning and construction, as well as related travel services you may need. Our extensive network  include several interesting destinations in Europe & Middle East. Ottlah organizes visits to key buildings and sites carefully chosen to suit the purpose of architecture student trip. On-site visits to buildings and facilities enable you to make observations that are not conveyed by photographs.