Culinary Holidays

Cook up your next vacation to your specific tastes. Treat yourself to a trip that can be prepared to your exact specifications. Discover what it means to truly indulge in our smorgasbord of foodie trips. Enhance your adventure with one of our Culinary holidays gastro experiences. These enhancements are chosen to show you the very best of the national cuisine and culture.

Cooking holidays are based on the idea that food is one of the most important parts of a trip, and that encountering a destination through its cuisine provides an authentic experience unlike many standard sightseeing tours. Would you like to spend a week in the Mexico countryside learning to cook the mexican way from a warm and enthusiastic mexican chef? Or pass a few days at a France visiting the local produce markets and bakeries, enjoying your meals al fresco with a glass of excellent French cocktail? Or perhaps you would prefer a cooking trip to sunny Turkey where you can fully immerse yourself in the local cuisine and way of life? These are just a few of the types of cooking vacation we offer.

Culinary Holidays are available in countries all over the world and can teach a student a wide variety of skills including how to prepare exotic cuisine and how to select the ingredients used to make each dish. The courses taught during these trips are often combined with trips to local markets, food tasting exhibitions, tours of local specialty farms and traditional dinners.

Culinary Holidays are also known as cooking school vacations and consist of short trips, which last between one day and several weeks, where students will be taught details of traditional and regional cooking styles. Structured sightseeing may be already planned into your curriculum by our cooking holidays. You are likely to visit local wineries, restaurants, bistros and cafes, sample the fare of the best local chefs, and even learn how to buy your own meal ingredients from a local market or farmer.