Educational Holidays

A family holiday is bound to be a fun experience for you and your children, but it can be so much more than that. If done properly, your next trip could be an educational holiday, helping your kids learn and develop without sacrificing any of their enjoyment. And there are clear benefits to doing so.

Educational Holidays with children are great fun, but they can also be educational. Whether you take your child to visit a famous art gallery, an old monument or simply let them absorb another culture, you will be increasing their experience of different things. Introducing this kind of variety into a child’s life can be a real boost to their creativity and imagination.

Travel is a wonderful teacher, and there’s no better way to learn about the world than by experiencing it firsthand. Not to mention, travel can take you to destinations with top-notch educational museums, archeological sites, and historic architecture, which bring the past to life like nothing else can. For families, educational holidays are great way to connect with new places.  Many adults find educational tours are preferable to regular vacation travel.

Taking children to historical buildings and museums has the benefit of helping them put the past into context, making it more real for them and improving their understanding. It’s no surprise that educational holidays can therefore make your child more engaged with their lessons and more likely to do well in school.

Here are some suggestions for educational family holidays to stimulate young minds; holidays where they can experience different cultures, broaden their horizons, expand their interests and learn new skills. Our family travel specialists understand what works best for children of different ages and can recommend experiences that you and your young adventurers will never forget.


Educational student film & media trips can create lifelong memories for your students. Educational Destinations offers custom educational student film & media trips opportunities to several popular destinations. Your students can even get a glimpse behind the scenes of one the oldest and most popular film studios in the world with a VIP Warner Bros. Studio Tour. Educational Destinations can make your student film & media trip rewarding and memorable.

Our team of school travel experts have unrivalled destination knowledge and experience so they can help to bring your tour ideas to life and might even suggest options you hadn’t already thought of too! So get in touch today and we’ll help to create a bespoke, budget-friendly tour itinerary to meet your specific learning requirements.