Farmhouse Stays

For those who are looking for an entirely different travel and stay experience, you are in the ideal place. Night stay and day activities including educational trips for students, company meetings and team building, family get together, birthday parties and any events of your choice can be organised during our farmhouse stays. All nationalities are welcome.  The farms are filled with several types of trees and plant. The pretty landscape and quiet neighborhood will be a relaxing experience in this busy schedule of life. ​Children can enjoy everything that they miss in their city life.  You can enjoy different activities like swimming, mountain climbing etc.

Our farmhouse stays located in Fujairah has terrace and mountain views. The venue is filled with utmost tranquillity, giving a splendid welcome signal for those people who love to spend their time in a calm and quiet place. And this serenity and calmness are what attracts tourists to our farm stay in Fujairah. This farmhouse comes with three bedrooms, one living room, and a fully equipped kitchen. It is well implemented with a beautiful swimming pool as well.