Nature Holidays

Do you dream of a rejuvenating journey in nature with your family or a weekend full of greenery and relaxation? Immerse yourself fully in the tranquillity in our nature holidays villages and mobile homes set in a forest, a few steps from the most beautiful cities in Italy. Take on a unique experience away from city stress with an eco-sustainable holiday among natural beauty, sport and serenity.

Trekking, hiking, green walks, water sports. For your sports holidays in nature you are spoilt for choice. Live a unique experience of fun and wellness discovering breathtaking landscapes in the most beautiful destinations.

Organize your eco-sustainable nature holidays according to your requirements. Our mobile homes are comfortable, green and family-friendly. Experience unique moments in contact with nature while respecting the environment and biodiversity. Enjoy your family holidays or a weekend of relaxation with your sweetheart immersed in an oasis of pleasure, disconnected from the stress of the city.

It’s hard to beat the thrill of witnessing a whale breaching at close quarters or coming face to face with an elk in a forest. Since our Nature Holidays tend to explore off-the-beaten-track regions, you will, with luck, enjoy some natural encounters on most of our holidays, be it foxes, deer, hares or wild boar. The holidays listed below visit areas which are home to more out-of-the-ordinary animals, sightings of which make for a very memorable holiday.

Find peace and relaxation in nature by staying in one of the many well-maintained campsites. You can find them on the edge of towns and in the countryside, as a part of a thermal water or hotel resort or just on their own. You will not be bored, as many campsites offer various activities, playgrounds, and entertainment for all ages. You can also explore the surrounding area on foot or by bicycle, and learn more about local cuisine during our tailored Nature Holidays.