Our 2022 World Cup packages are customizable, allowing our guests to see Qatar and experience this illustrious tournament the way they want. The 2022 World Cup will offer up some wonderful experiences in addition to the incredible soccer and we think our guests are going to be very impressed with the host country. Qatar offers gorgeous beaches, enticing markets, world-class museums, impressive architecture, and unique landscapes. We’re really excited about this event and this destination and we can’t wait to show you why.



Discover the beauty and modernity of Qatar and enjoy its most beautiful splendors with Ottlah Tours. Book your Qatar tour package Now!

Qatar is undoubtedly the most advanced and luxurious city on the entire planet. It is evident that this glamorous city of gold has positioned itself as a tourist hotspot attracting travel enthusiasts from every nook and corner of the world. Lest you will be spoilt for choices, we have master-crafted this Programs to help you unveil 10 unbelievable activities that you must do in Qatar.

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Lifetime Experience

Millions of people around the world will have dreams of experiencing this iconic event but unfortunately, there will only be space for a limited few. Contact one of our World Cup Specialists to take the first step in securing your spot in sports history. you’ll be fully taken care of every step of the way by our friendly and experienced team.

Fifa Packages

Discover Qatar

View and book our amazing selection of Qatar tours and Doha tours online. Discover Qatar will create your ideal stopover or vacation in Qatar.

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Match Schedule

Qatar will become the first country in the Middle East to host a World Cup and has been scheduled to take place in the winter, from November 21 to December 18, 2022

Match Schedule

More about Qatar – the fascinating location for the 2022 World Cup

Our Qatar 2022 World Cup package details and pricing are coming soon. We are working hard right now to finalize all the details to ensure our guests have access to the very best in Qatar. For “front of the line” access to this historic event, join our pre-sale list and you’ll be among the first to be notified when our World Cup Travel packages are released. Get in touch by contacting one of our specialists by submitting a request via the form on the right hand side of this page.

Qatar Soccer Holidays

PREMIUM travel destination compared with other World Cup Host Countries and due to this event, quality accommodation is in high demand and limited. For this reason, each  package includes premium accommodation in which our experienced PR team would be happy to assist you, with one goal, to make your dreamed trip personal and unique.

Qatar Soccer Holidays – Qatar is a small country with a population of 2 million, that rises above the Persian Gulf and is considered the richest area of hydrocarbon exploration, which has promoted a unique infrastructure with a luxury style combined with the latest technological advances.

Be ready to be surprised by the Qatar Soccer Holidays, by its astonished and modern buildings, its beautiful beaches, and its large and extended wilderness, which definitely will make you fall in love once again. By the way, in comparison with the Russian 2018 WORLD CUP, unprecedented scale, and distances, the close distances between Qatar cities, means that you would never be far away from the action.

Without a doubt traveling to Qatar, would be a once in a lifetime experience, and what better way than to experience it during the greatest sporting event, which for the first time in history will take place in an Arab country.

Follow Your Team
It is the experience of a lifetime to attend the World Cup. Why not dream big while in Qatar and plan your experience around following your team as far as they can go!

Group Stage
Our truly customized packages allow you to create your dream itinerary in Qatar, using Doha as your chosen base and Ottlah ensure your safety with Covid-19 protocols.

Round of 16
As teams are eliminated and the pressure is ratched ever higher, you will be right there to experience it all! Customized VIP travel packages for 2022 are available.

As the final 8 teams fight for the 2022 Cup, you will enjoy the best of Doha with a day trip to one of the four Quarterfinal cities and exploring every moment of it with Ottlah.

Semis & Finals
When you are ready for the very best soccer experience, nothing compares to the electricity and excitment of the World Cup Semifinals and the World Cup Final!

World Cup Final
The entire world will be watching the World Cup Finals on television, but you will be there in person in Qatar to experience the ultimate day of the world’s most Beautiful Game!

VIP Custom Itinerary
Create your very own ultimate custom VIP 2022 World Cup itinerary down to the smallest detail. Simply tell us what you want to experience and leave the rest to us!

Day Tours & Excursions
Our unique travel packages include exciting and traditional Qatar experiences, from the raw beauty of the centuries-old Souq to cultural magnificence of the Museum of Islamic Art!