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Skydiving Experience Dubai

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This ultimate thrill-seeker’s adventure begins with your check in arrival on site. Here you will be welcomed and given registration and waiver forms to fill out. You can be assured of your safety as a tandem instructor and camera flyer will accompany you during your experience. Approximately 20-30 minutes before you board the plane, you will be introduced to the instructor who will be with you, and you will get a thorough rundown of the process as well as a safety briefing. You will also be shown the best practices and techniques for the experience, and the instructor will show you the best body position for free fall. Afterwards, it’s time to put on and check your harness. Then it’s time to be escorted to the boarding area. Your safety is the highest priority, so you will receive a a pre-boarding safety check. Then you can have your picture taken with your instructor and the aircraft. Then it’s time to head up into the sky. On the way up you will be treated to astounding aerial views of the Palm Jumeirah Island and surrounding areas. The ride up is approximately 20 minutes, during which you will be asked to give a short interview about your experience thus far. When the plane gets to exit altitude, you and your instructor, along with your camera flyer, will then exit the plane and free fall for nearly 60 seconds (Don’t forget to smile for the camera on your way down!) The 60 second freefall will be an adrenaline-fueled rush of a lifetime, and it will stop when your parachute deploys at around 6,000 feet. Don’t worry: you get to catch your breath on the 4-5 minute parachute ride, and you get to see the most incredible views of the Dubai skyline as you come down. Once you touch safely back down on the drop zone, your camera flyer will give you another interview to record your reaction to the experience, and you head back to the main building.


Skydiving Experience Dubai

  • Explore the magnificent beauty of Dubai city from the horizon and get ready to experience the adrenaline rush while you’re high above the ground.
  • The activity will be conducted under the monitoring of trained professionals and top-notch safety equipment will be provided to each participant.
  • The pick and drop facilities are available in booking options.
  • Palm Dropzone: Skydive Dubai, Al Seyahi St, Dubai
  • Desert Dropzone: Skydive Desert Campus, Al Ain Road, Margham


Tandem Skydive Dubai

Imagine yourself reaching the drop zone of a human-made floating palm island at more than the speed of light from a whopping height of 13,000 feet, and seemingly your parachutes open in between of the free fall. That’s how your once-in-a-lifetime experience of skydiving in Dubai will start. Get into the lapse of the blue horizon and feel the adrenaline rush above the ground with panoramic views of either a desert area or a palm area.

A tandem skydive is the quickest and easiest way to experience the thrill of freefall at over 120 miles per hour, while securely harnessed to one of our experienced and accomplished instructors. Adrenaline enthusiasts can live this adventure at our two world-class locations, the Palm Dropzone and the Desert Dropzone.

Every customer who purchases a tandem package at either of our locations will receive photographs and our standard edited video of their experience within 48 hours of completing their skydive. The package also includes medical insurance.


Skydive Adevnture Dubai

A tandem package at our premium location, the Palm Dropzone, costs a total of AED 2,299. Located within the city of Dubai, the highlight of a tandem experience here is the stunning view of the iconic Palm Jumeirah island from 13,000 ft.

Those who visit our Desert Dropzone, located about 35 km outside Dubai, will need to pay a total of AED 1,799 for a tandem package. This, our standard location, offers customers a skydive over Dubai’s sandy dunes from 13,000 ft. A desert safari, if you will, like no other.

You can also pay to receive an Instagram-friendly video of your skydive. This 1-minute edited video features all the highlights of your tandem skydive – perfect for sharing (and bragging about it) with friends and family as soon as you receive it.

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  • Witness the ambience of Dubai from the sky & slash the dream of skydiving from your bucket list
  • Jump from the height of 13000 ft & experience a free fall for 60 seconds
  • Admire the serene views of either a desert area or a palm area as you float in your parachute for 4-5 minutes
  • Make this once-in-a lifetime experience more memorable with digital pictures included in the package
  • Highly experienced and trained staff available to assure a safe diving experience


Tandem Skydiving Experience

On arrival at your specified check-in time, proceed to the registration desk
You will be introduced to your instructor and be given a safety briefing and equipment check. A camera flyer will accompany you
You will be escorted to the boarding area for a pre-boarding safety check and photos
See astounding aerial views of the Palm Jumeirah Island/ Desert and surrounding areas on the way up, and get a short interview
The plane reaches exit altitude. You, your instructor, and camera flyer will exit the plane and free fall
At 6,000 feet, your parachute deploys and you get a 4-5 minute parachute ride down
The camera flyer will interview you again to record your reaction, and you will be escorted off the landing area back to the main building.


  • Accompanied by an expertly trained instructor with Top-notch safety measures
  • Admission Ticket to Sky Dive at Desert Drop
  • Pictures and videos of Sky Dive experience
  • Free WIFI is available at both our dropzones
  • Visitors are welcome to sit on the outdoor deck at our locations and watch skydivers land.
  • Insurance
  • Daycare or pets supervision facilities

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Weight & BMI
A minimum degree of fitness is required to complete a tandem skydive and to ensure a safe landing for you and your instructor. Your Body Mass Index (BMI) is an indicator of this.

Skydive Dubai requires each tandem customer to meet both, the weight and BMI requirements listed below. These are the equipment’s manufacturer’s requirements and we cannot make exceptions for safety reasons.


Weight: 90.0 kg/ 198.0 lbs or less.
BMI: 27.5 or less.


Weight: 100.0 kg/220 lbs or less.
BMI: 30.0 or less.

There is no minimum weight requirement in order to be eligible to skydive. Please note, our staff will weigh you (with your shoes and clothes on) when you check-in on the day of your skydive before you make the final payment. You are welcome to visit our locations before you book your skydive to weigh yourself on our scales.
You must be a 12 years of age or above (according to the Gregorian calendar) on the day of your tandem skydive. Please bring a valid and official government photo ID (Emirates ID, driver’s license, passport) on the day of your skydive.

If you are between 12 to 17 years of age, you will need the signed consent of a parent or legal guardian on the Parent Consent Tandem Waiver. It is required that the same parent or legal guardian accompany you on the day of your skydive. Please note, you will not be allowed to skydive if they are not present. Additionally, your parent or legal guardian must also carry a valid and official government photo ID (Emirates ID, driver’s license, passport). Your legal guardian must present an affidavit (a notarized official document) proving legal guardianship in English.

If you are 70 years old or older on the day you skydive, kindly download and fill out the Declaration of Fitness form (point 6) prior to your arrival at our location. The form must be completed and must be signed and stamped by your doctor.
What to Wear
Please dress suitably and comfortably for your skydive, and be respectful of the local culture and sentiments.

Athletic, comfortable clothes are advised; t-shirts/tops must have sleeves.
Sneakers or sport shoes are ideal for your skydive. Please make sure your shoes don't have any buckles or studs on them.
Not allowed: Low-cut tops, sleeveless tops, collared shirts, crop tops or short shorts.
Not allowed: Sandals, boots or heeled/platform shoes of any type.
Customers are advised to remove any jewelry, watches and other accessories before their skydive. These can be placed in the free personal lockers at our locations.
Every customer will be given protective eye goggles to wear during their skydive. So, if you need to wear prescription glasses or lenses during your skydive, please do so. You don't want to miss that view!


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